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Quito, cradle of beer


Quito was the cradle of the beer of the new world and this is assured by the Franciscans who know the history of this sparkling drink.

Capturing the essence of Quito


Most people do not realize how wonderful the Historical Scepter is, but with us, you will have the opportunity to appreciate it and capture it in a photograph.

Shopping in the colonial city


Among embroidered blouses, woven ponchos and countless colors, you can do your shopping in the Historic Center of Quito where you will find part of our customs and history told through handicrafts, which are recognized nationally and internationally.


The delicious side of Quito

From $ 25.00 USD

On our food tour in Quito, you will explore the most delicious side of the city, eat like the Quiteños, taste their best traditional dishes and drinks, and learn about a gastronomic tradition rooted in the heights of the Andes mountains and bathed by the equatorial sun.

Quito city of Quitus, Incas and Spaniards

From $ 45,00 USD

The skin color, ancestry, customs, and even political, social and economic aspects affect the self-definition of a Quito, but for this, you have to travel in time to know where it comes from and what its origins were.

Quito from above

From $ 30,00 USD

To know Quito there are many ways, but there is one to know it from above, and what better from the great colossus that always takes care of us, the Pichincha Volcano.

Quito a solar city


The funniest way to meet Quito is walking, with us, you can do it.

Explore the corners of the Historic Center and fall in love with the highest capital in the world, where the North and the South meet in an equinox circle of perfect symmetry.

On our free tour of the Historic Center of Quito, you will walk through more than 15 centuries of history, passing through the Quitus, the Inca Empire and the Spanish Conquest, to the current Quito.

Kana Yaku Trek

From $ 25,00 USD

Ecuador is the country of waterfalls, with hundreds that vary in its flow and size, which if it becomes a magical waterfall, you can clean the aura. With the Kana Yaku route, you can visit 3 beautiful waterfalls to fill you with energy.

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