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Who is in charge?

I'm Grace, a professional in Tourism, who became a national tourist guide and the one that started with this wonderful project of Free Walking Tours and Private Tours in the city of Quito and its surroundings inspired by the historical and cultural wealth of this city.

Unlike many large companies, where sometimes it is not known who the owner is, with Kunakkuna Experiences you can always maintain personal communication since I am part of the company's guide team.

You can also meet our guides in the next section of the page, who with enough professionalism and dedication help us operate our tours.


If you liked the work of our guides let us know your comments.


For Grace nothing seems to be enough when it comes to enjoying everyday life: she has done many things in recent years: from volunteering at a rescue center for wild animals in the Ecuadorian Amazon to travel to the north of the American continent to Be able to work in Yellowstone National Park.

She has been riding horses since he was 5 years old and was a national folklore dancer for more than 10 years.

Grace loves what she does and knows that she is in the right place as a tour guide, so she hopes to make you fall in love with her city!


Our guides

Meet them, you will be surprised with each of them.


Robert is a charismatic and outgoing person, he is passionate about cultural manifestations, of the different nationalities that exist in our country.


He has participated in national events related to the heritage of Ecuador and has also been part of different research in the area of ​​tourism within the system of protected areas of the country.


Robert fervently believes that if you join his tours you can learn the special cultural manifestations of Ecuador and especially Quito and its surroundings.



Santiago , a free soul that governs his life under his own philosophy, "WITHOUT HARMONY, THERE IS NO TRANSCENDENCE." which is why he loves nature because it is indispensable for his way of life.


Enjoy the mountains, the waterfall and the energy that nature gives us., The love for nature found him since he was 8 years old.


With Santiago you can discover the magic that hides between mountains and waterfalls.



Charlie believes that everything can be possible in this life, he likes to spend his free time in the theater and share quality time with his family and friends. He has guided in the Cultural Center - Ecuadorian Library "Aurelio Espinosa Polit", as well as in the Church of the Society of Jesus; also having knowledge about the production of chocolates.

Passionate about theater and art in general, besides being an excellent guide he is a great actor and writer.

Charlie enjoys art and culture, and hopes that all his knowledge will make your experience with us full of stories and magic that exists in Ecuador.



Eduardo is sure that biology and tourism make a very interesting combination, because he is a biologist by profession but very passionate about tourism. In recent years he has participated in several scientific investigations in the country, working with various branches of biology; even becoming a volunteer in an animal rescue center in the Ecuadorian Amazon jungle.


Lover of football, photography, reading, animals and travel.

Eduardo is always on the lookout for new adventures and hopes that with him you can discover the beauty of the flora and fauna that hides in Quito!


Juan Carlos

Juan Carlos is a nature lover and always escapes on weekends to the mountains. He thinks that life is valued in this place and energies are recharged. He believes faithfully that in the mountains the spirits of nature are the best company to discover new places.


The last places he has visited are the Rucu Pichincha volcano, the Ilaló volcano, the Cóndor Machay waterfalls and the Yaguarcocha lagoon. In addition, he currently practices trail running, seeing in this discipline a great opportunity to put his abilities to the limit.


Juan Carlos is sure that in his tours you will be able to live new experiences that will make you fascinated by Quito and its surroundings!



Fer is a very charismatic person, passionate about the indigenous worldview, art and landscape beauty of Ecuador.


In his last years he has worked several in several protected areas of the country such as: Cayambe-Coca National Park and in the Geo-park of Imbabura. In addition, reading is one of the activities you do in your free time.


In the tours with Fer you can learn more about the richness of the indigenous worldview that exists in Quito and its surroundings.


Our values

The mutual respect between the tourist and the guide, fulfilling all their rights and obligations.

The quality of our tours is not reflected in the price of them, a tour of excellent quality does not have to cost much.

Provide unique experiences to tourists reflecting the good work we offer.

Always fulfilling the truth when running a tour. If you liked the work of our guides let us know your comments.


Show what no one is going to offer from the city you are visiting, without thinking about wasting, taking possession of new experiences.


Always fulfilling the truth when running a tour. If you liked the work of our guides let us know your comments.

Términos y Condiciones

Free Tours

  • Kunakkuna Experiences reserve the right of admission to any individual in our free tours, if we consider it, for example, if the tourist is in an ethyl state if the tourist came to disrespect the guide or other tourists if the tourist DO NOT pay attention to what the guide explains, etc.

  • Kunakkuna Experiences do not accept any responsibility for any loss of their belongings, accidents or any damage to the tourist during the development of the free tour.

  • All free tours worldwide work based on economic donations, generous donations are appreciated because no guide or collaborator of ours has a salary.

  • All itineraries of free tours are referential, they can be changed depending on many factors.

  • We can always cancel free tours for many reasons, such as weather issues, strikes, there are not the minimum number of tourists required to do the free tour, etc.

  • No tourist who did not book a free tour has the right to question our service.

  • Very large groups of more than 16 people should contact us first before making the reservation.

Private Tours

  • If we accept any responsibility as long as the tour is private and/or prepaid.

  • Very large groups of more than 16 people should contact us first before making the reservation.

  • Tour reservations are subject to availability at the time of processing your request and cannot be guaranteed until you have received the initial payment.

  • Prices are per person include the services indicated in the tour description.

  • The total payment of any tour must be no later than 2 days before the tour.

  • If the reservation is made within the previous 30 days of the tour, the entire package must be canceled once it has been confirmed.

  • In cases where the reservation was canceled by the client without having started the tour, it will be subject to the respective penalties as appropriate as follows:

    • Penalties according to the cancellation days before the trip departure:

      • From 30 to 25 days -> No penalty charge.

      • From 24 to 20 days -> 50% penalty.

      • From 19 to 10 days -> 80% penalty.

      • From 09 to 01 days -> 100% penalty.

  • If any passenger has the personal inconvenience of force majeure that prevents their presence at the time of the tour, it will be considered as NO SHOW (not presented), so it complies with the 100% penalty and is not subject to any refund.

  • In high season the right is reserved to require full and immediate payment of reservations; including those reservations that have been confirmed by advances.

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