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Welcome to Kunakkuna Experiences

-More Quiteños than canelazo at Quito parties-

At Kunakkuna Experiences we welcome you to this new adventure.  

This website is the entrance ticket so that you can discover what nobody is going to offer you in Ecuador, without thinking about wasting your money and taking over new experiences.

Ask about all tour packages  that we offer and do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

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All about
Kunakkuna Experiences

Different, full of knowledge, fun.  

This is Kunakkuna Experiences!

Here you can learn a little more about the guides that will accompany you during our tours and will give you unique experiences in the country.

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Free Walking Tours

Our free walking tours are paid free tours, that is, it is completely free to book, but our guides expect to be rewarded at the end of the tour with the amount you want. Some tourists may give $5.00 or others may give $20.00, you choose the price.

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Hacienda Hipolongo Cruz de Mayo

Located in the Quero " Verde Encanto " canton, in the province of Tungurahua; Hacienda Hipolongo Cruz de Mayo is the perfect place to spend a few days of relaxation and an unforgettable vacation.  

The hacienda dates from the 18th century, which has had a rich history of its owners such as the Jesuits, the father of Pedro Fermín Cevallos and Lizardo Ruiz; to this day it belongs to the Ribadeneira Pérez family.

At present, Kunakkuna Experiences together with Hacienda Hipolongo Cruz de Mayo have formed an alliance to be able to offer new experiences for their tourists.

If you want to know more about the Hacienda Hipolongo Cruz de Mayo you can visit their website by clicking on the link below.




Here you can find out what our tourists think about Kunakkuna Experiences, our guides and their experience, after having been part of our tours.

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